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2019년 5월 20일 - 2019년 5월 22일



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MONDAY MAY 20, 2019
Session 1
Latest Developments & New Products in BETA’s product line  
Chryssa Sferidou, BETA CAE Systems
Session 2
RENAULT Model Factory: management of Model Building
Laurent Noyelle, RENAULT SA
ANSA/META deployment in Groupe PSA
Jean-Christophe Carniel, Groupe PSA
Session 3B
CAE Data Management and Standard Process Tooling: storyboard from RENAULT Group Model Factory
Jeremie Gomez
Future Model-build-up process in ANSA using MODULEs
Dr. Jürgen Bruns
Volkswagen AG
Automated checklist for intermediate deliveries
Julien Barbier
Groupe PSA
Lead time reduction – Fast and easy setup of structure load cases using ANSA
Dr. Christoph Thiem
Presented by Martin Schönecker
Opel Automobile GmbH
Session 3A
Case Study: collaboration for advanced process automation, General Motors & BETA CAE
Joshua Sims1, Scott Larsen2
1BETA CAE Systems USA, 2General Motors
Advancements in batch model preparation with the SDM-Console
Michael Tryfonidis
BETA CAE Systems
CAD shape recognition and mesh generation technique using ANSA script
Koji Otani
Integral Technology Co., Ltd.
Exploration of meshing strategies for highly complex parts
Dimitris Zafeiropoulos1, Stylianos Karditsas2, Christos Sachanas2, Lazaros Adamoudis2, Michael Tryfonidis2 1BETA CAE Systems International, 2BETA CAE Systems
Session 3C
The totally new evaluation scheme of JNCAP from 2020
Prof. Sadayuki Ujihashi
BETA CAE Systems Japan
Multi Material Modeling with ANSA: an Application in the Automated Assembly Process at FORD
Thanassis Fokylidis2, Tunc Uzun1, Heiko Wuestner1, Niels Pasligh1,3, Vangelis Karatsis2, Chien Ping Mark Ng4
1Ford Werke GmbH, 2BETA CAE Systems, 3RIC Aachen, 4Ford Motor Company of Australia Ltd
Connection model automatic creation tool development at vehicle CAE model building
Takashi Nasu
Nissan Automotive Technology / Vehicle CAE center
Substructuring tools for effective pre- and post-processing
Nikolaos Nikoglou
BETA CAE Systems
Session 3D
Lattice Structures modeling: introduction to homogenization
Nikoleta Pasvanti1, Andreas Psarros1, George Korbetis2, Andreas Vlahinos3, Athanassios Mihailidis1
1Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, 2BETA CAE Systems, 3Advanced Engineering Solutions
Rapid remodeling in ANSA/META for Additive Manufacturing design optimization
Xiao Chen1, George Korbetis2, Panagiotis Pantazidis2, Dimitrios Drougkas2
1Ford Werke GmbH, 2BETA CAE Systems
Standardization of X-Attribute body assessment by coupling FEM and MKS
Emilie Debauche1, Markus Wick2, Markus Herbst3
1Arrk P+Z Engineering, 2Ford Werke GmbH, 3BETA CAE Systems
EPILYSIS new tools and enhancements facilitate analysis set-up and improve solver performance
Vasilis Pavlidis
BETA CAE Systems International
TUESDAY MAY 21, 2019 – Morning Sessions 
Session 4
Isogeometric Analysis of local deformation and fracture for automotive frames
Kenji Takada
Honda R&D Co., Ltd. Automobile R&D Center
Bringing reality into the virtual world
Eric DeHoff 1, Kishore Pydimarry 1, Santosh Patil2
1Honda R&D Americas, Inc., 2BETA CAE Systems USA
Automation of pre- and post-processing in Ferrari GT cars project
Dr. Luciano Mariella, Rubens Curatola
Ferrari S.p.A
Complete vehicle CAD extraction, translation and quality report generation at CEVT
Jesper Bäcklund
China Euro Vehicle Technology AB
Session 5B
Superelement welds for productive car development
Nils Himmelsbach 1, Christian Graber 1, Michael Tryfonidis2
1BMW Group, 2BETA CAE Systems
Improvement of evaluation efficiency by 3D report
Seiichi Takakuwa
Honda R&D Co., Ltd Automobile Center
Migration of a post-processing process: from Medina to META
Urs Stefan Jedrkowiak, Thomas Brandt, Alexander Schwarzkopf
Rheinmetall Automotive AG
ANSA: one of the CAE analysts’ best friends
Edoardo Ferrante, Dr. Emiliano Costa, Sergio Macchiavello, Alberto Rossi, Maurizio Iannolo, Alessandro Bozzolo, Andrea Trevisi
RINA Consulting
Session 5A
NVH post-processing automation
Dr. Martin Schönecker
Opel Automobile GmbH, Groupe PSA
Evaluation of vehicle interior noise based on loads from a Multi Body Analysis – An integrated BETA suite solution for addressing non-linear mounts
Markus Herbst, Apostolos Paraschoudis
BETA CAE Systems
How did we realize SPDRM and where will we go? – part I
Haruki Kubokawa1, Irene Makropoulou2, Antonis Perifanis2
1HONDA R&D Co., Ltd. Automobile R&D Center, 2BETA CAE Systems
How did we realize SPDRM and where will we go? – part II
Haruki Kubokawa1, Irene Makropoulou2, Antonis Perifanis2
1HONDA R&D Co., Ltd. Automobile R&D Center, 2BETA CAE Systems
Session 5C
Crash Management system optimization tool in ANSA and META
Pedro Ruiz, Ricardo Liñan, Alvaro Arconada
ANSA for FMVSS201U: a flexible process
Thanassis Fokylidis1, Israel Corrilo2, Carlos Cano2, Hector Hernandez2, Joanna Rakowska3
1BETA CAE Systems, 2FORD of Mexico, 3FORD Motor Company
CAE modeling of bolts for crash
Jens Raine, Per-Anders Eggertsen, Simon Rydberg
Volvo Cars Corporation
Crash Load Paths Analysis based on Field Line Visualization in META post-processor
Lailong Song1, Rainer Moll2, Michael Tryfonidis3, Sideridis Athanasios3, Fabian Duddeck4
1BMW Group, 2IDIADA Fahrzeugtechnik GmbH, 3BETA CAE Systems. 4Technical University of Munich
Session 5D
Building a full UAV aerodynamic database using ANSA pre-processor automated meshing tool
Danny Gilad
Elbit Systems
Aerodynamic Design of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles with innovative layouts, using low and high-fidelity numerical tools
Prof. Kyros Yakinthos1, Pericles Panagiotou2, Pavlos Kaparos2
1Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, 2UAV-iRC
Investigation of aerodynamic loading on a train pantograph
Dr. Konstantinos Ritos, Craig Roddick, Dr. Ioannis Kokkinakis
University of Strathclyde
Computational Haemodynamics in arterial geometries in relation to obesity-induced cardiovascular diseases
Dr. Asimina Kazakidi
University of Strathclyde
TUESDAY MAY 21, 2019 – Afternoon Sessions 
Session 6B
Discovering the anatomy of a shock absorber with the aid of Computed Tomography and beyond
Dr. E. Karatsis, P. Michailidis, I Mezitis, BETA CAE Systems
Composite life prediction model for leaf springs using Finite Element model and testing
Kishore Mysore Nagaraja, Hrushikesh Patil, Sharanbassappa Patil, Suresh Nagesh
PES University
Beam modeling: new developments
Kostas Skolarikis1, Vasileios Evangelou2
1BETA CAE Systems International, 2BETA CAE Systems
Session 6A
Efficient time dependent reliability analysis of large systems under Non-Gaussian loading
S. Patil1, Z. P. Mourelatos2, V. Tsianika1, D. Papadimitriou1
1BETA CAE Systems USA, 2Oakland University
TYRE FEA modelling using ANSA & META
Kesava Reddy Koduru1, Shivakumar Biradar1, Athanasios Papadopoulos2, Markus Herbst2
1BETA CAE Systems India, 2BETA CAE Systems
ANSA as pre-processor for Code_aster
Roman Fratczak, Maciej Czaplinski
Nobo Solutions
Session 6C
Stamp-Crash process: coupling of Forming and Crash Simulations at BMW
Dr. Janine Mergel1, Andreas Ickes1, Marcel Meder1, Michael Tryfonidis2, Helga Reith1
1BMW Group, 2BETA CAE Systems
Addressing the challenge of late design stage optimization: a passenger car Side Impact case
Michael Tryfonidis, Eva Ioannou
BETA CAE Systems
Crash loadcase setup using Include Configurator tool
Rajiv Pillai
Volvo Group Trucks Technology
Session 6D
External Flow Analysis (CFD) for an Airborne Gimbal
David Lozano
Elbit Systems – ISTAR
Roof racks aerodynamic optimization for a utility vehicle
Inaki Caldichoury, Facundo Del Pin, Rodrigo Paz, Chien-Jung Huang
Latest Development in Volume Meshing for CFD
Vangelis Skaperdas
BETA CAE Systems
Session 7B
The ANSA / LS-DYNA approach for Isogeometric Analysis Simulations
Lambros Rorris1, Attila Nagy2, Stefan Hartmann3, Ioannis Chalkidis4, Anastasios Vafeidis4
1BETA CAE Systems International, 2Livermore Software Technology Corporation, 3DYNAmore GmbH, 4BETA CAE Systems
Connecting Design and Analysis: Explicit Isogeometric Analysis using ANSA and LS-DYNA
Lukas Leidinger1, Stefan Hartmann2, Lambros Rorris3, Roland Wüchner4, Fabian Duddeck4, Lailong Song1
1BMW Group, 2DYNAmore GmbH, 3BETA International, 4TU Munich
Scripting and the World Beyond
Constantin Diez
METAdb as a high-performance results container
Antonis Perifanis
BETA CAE Systems
Session 7A
χMCF v3.0: An interface standard for exchanging weld information within CAD/CAE
Dr. Genbao Zhang1, Carsten Franke2, FAT AK-25
1Volkswagen AG, 2PROSTEP AG
Multidisciplinary spotweld optimization using OPTIM WELDS
R. Nimbalkar1, T. Jankowiak1, V. Gandhi1, R. Bhojan2, A. Kurane2, A. Coppe2, J. Sims1, J. Rakowska2, R. T. Katragadda2
1BETA CAE Systems USA, 2Ford Motor Company
Feature based morphing: a radical change in concept and detailed modeling
Eva Ioannou, George Korbetis
BETA CAE Systems
Automation of multi-disciplinary analysis processes with ANSA/META and optiSLang
Dr. Lars Gräning
Dynardo GmbH
Session 7C
Cellbond-Phitec Finite Element Q-series Crash-Test-Dummy seating procedure, ANSA perspective
Daniele Speziani1, Petros Goutas2, Chamila Bamunuarachchige2, Elena Riscaldina1, Michela Vaira1
1Phitec Ingegneria Srl, 2Cellbond
Automation process for Occupant Safety models with ANSA and LS-DYNA
Dimitrios Perperidis, Michael Meyer, Maximilian Beck, Matthias Bauer, Bruno Clement, Peter Protsch
PSW automotive Engineering GmbH
Evaluation of occupant injury results using META focus on THOR
Fabian Heil, Ricardo Tejero de la Piedra
Opel Automobile GmbH
Modelling of detailed subject-specific FE rib models for fracture prediction
Linus Lundin1, Dr. Johan Iraeus2 Simon Storm1, Bengt Pipkorn3
1ÅF Industry, 2Chalmers University of Technology, 3Autoliv Development
WEDNESDAY MAY 22, 2019 – Morning Sessions 
Session 8
BMW – Next Level Engineering: digitalization of know-how in vehicle development
Gagan Saket1, Hans-Peter Daunert1, Michael Tryfonidis2
1BMW Group, 2BETA CAE Systems
FE-Basis Model, The birth of a digital assembly line
Paul-Edouard Munch
Dr.Ing.h.c.F. Porsche AG
Session 8B
Multidisciplinary topology and parametric optimization of a BiW, following a unique holistic Process within ACP OpDesign
Alexis Kaloudis
BETA CAE Systems International
BMW – Next Level Engineering: utilizing digitalized know-how through Machine Learning
Gagan Saket1, Michael Tryfonidis2, Dimitrios Siskos3
1BMW Group, 2BETA CAE Systems, 3BETA CAE Systems International
Comprehensive Simulation Run Management: solutions for analysts and model building teams
Irene Makropoulou
BETA CAE Systems
Quality management of CAE data within a SPDM environment
Spyridon Tzamtzis, Irene Makropoulou, Menelaos Pappas
BETA CAE Systems
Session 8A
Modelling of casting structures – A comprehensive investigation
Dr. Octavian Knoll1, Michael Tryfonidis2
1BMW Group, 2BETA CAE Systems
Fast flow simulation using combination of MOLDEX3D and ANSA/META
Jing Jin, Jeffrey Cao
BASF(China) Co., Ltd
Unleashing the full potential of ANSA meshing capabilities for RTM analysis
Panagiotis Fotopoulos
BETA CAE Systems
Development of an efficient tool for modelling plastic parts using Machine Learning
Yoshikazu Nakagawa1, Osamu Ito1, Prakash Krishnaswamy2, Umesh Mallikarjunaiah2
1HONDA R&D Co., Ltd., 2Xitadel CAE Technologies India Pvt Ltd.
Session 8C
Facilitating the industrial implementation of an adaptive Isogeometric Continuum shell element for laminate analysis
Camiel Adams1, Martin Fagerstrom1, Joris J.C. Remmers2, A. Vafeidis3
1Chalmers University of Technology, 2University of Technology Eindhoven, 3BETA CAE Systems
Efficient screening of composite structures using the extended 2D FEM approach in META together with a state-of-the-art Failure Initiation criterion
Henrik Molker, Renaud Gutkin, Annika Lundberg
Volvo Car Corporation
Fully automated parameterized model creation of ultra-lightweight carbon fiber wrapped components in ANSA
Pascoe Scholle
Non-Linear multi-scale modelling of composites using ANSA tools
Vangelis Palaiokastritis, Eleftherios Tsivolas
BETA CAE Systems
Session 8D
Efficient watertight preparation tools and methods for CFD meshing at Groupe PSA
Nikolaos Batsaris1, Gael Roy2
1BETA CAE Systems, 2Groupe PSA
Efficient handling of CFD results through compression
Aristotelis Iordanidis
BETA CAE Systems
CAE Processes at MAHLE Thermal Management
Dr. Albrecht Gehring, Dr. Maria Baiker, Dr. Wolfram Kühnel
Automated report generation of corrosion protection simulations
Yannick van Dijk, Elmar Stegmayer, Timo Hopf
BMW Group
WEDNESDAY MAY 22, 2019 – Afternoon Sessions 
Session 9B
Are we ready for huge CAE models?
Stavros Kleidarias
BETA CAE Systems
VR-Supported Engineering Processes at Daimler
Andreas Pau
Daimler AG
Subjective assessment of customer-oriented functions by enriching finite element simulation technology with virtual reality features
Matthias Steinecker, Daniel Heiserer, Rainer Abeltshauser
BMW Group
Session 9A
Impact of transcatheter valve size on the estimation of paravalvular leakage: an FSI study
Laura Iannetti 1, Giulia Luraghi2, Claudio Chiastra2, José Félix Rodriguez Matas2, Francesco Migliavacca2
1BETA CAE Italy, 2LaBS, Dep. of Chemistry, Materials and Chemical Engineering, Politecnico di Milano
Gait specific optimization of athletic footwear
Alexander Tsouknidas 1, Katerina Tzolva2, Dimitris Drougkas2, Evagelos Karatsis2, Maria Papagiannaki3, Fotini Arabatzi3
1University of Western Macedonia, 2BETA CAE Systems, 3Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Fatigue failure analysis of a humeral implant: a Finite Element approach
Shivkumar Umadi 1,2, Vyjayanthi Murthy2, Dr. Suresh Nagesh2, Dr. Venkateswaran Perumal3
1CORI, 2PES University, 3Stryker
Session 9C
Applying the VMAP interface standard in ANSA for multi-solver simulation processes
Athanasios Fassas, Dr. Georgios Mokios
BETA CAE Systems
How Compare-function can become the secret ingredient for reducing model build-up effort
Michael Tryfonidis
BETA CAE Systems
Session 9D
Simulating installed antenna performance for automotive radar applications
Dr. Christos Liontas, Stefan Frank
Fraunhofer FHR
Specific Absorption Rate Electromagnetic (EM) Simulations in adult and Child tissues
Michel Alhilani1, Seyed Reza Atefi2, Lilla Zollei2, Mohammad Mansouri2, Filiz Yetisir1, Michael H. Lev2, P. Ellen Grant3, Giorgio Bonmassar2
1Newborn Medicine, Boston Children’s Hospital/ Harvard Medical School, 2Radiology, Massachusetts General Hospital/ Harvard Medical School, 3Newborn Medicine, Radiology, Boston Children’s Hospital/ Harvard Medical School,
Presented by: Milton Pena
Using ANSA / META for electromagnetic simulation applications with Cadence’s Clarity 3D EM solver
Wei Wang, Jian Liu
Presented by: Yongjun Liu
Cadence Design Systems

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